Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Pink Locomote Black Ribbon Shoes & Giveaway announcement

Hi guys~~! How've you been? I hope you're all doing well as always ^-^
Today, I'm going to show you guys my newest pair of shoes which I got from Pink Locomote.  My first new pair of shoes in 2013, lol! I rarely buy and wear shoes, pretty much a flip-flop girl irl~

Classic style black shoes ~ with ribbon <3 p="">

Well, errr.... tbh my feet are quite big and not so feminine. I'm not a big fan of shoes, reason being is because I often ride a motorcycle. Wearing a nice looking shoes while motorbiking will only ruin them. *sadface*
But honestly, I do love flat shoes and want to wear them as often as I can, they're so versatile, suits almost every occassion, every style, and the most important thing are... they're super COMFY and user friendly! Flat shoes FTW ♥

 Flat black ribbon shoes~

 Another way of tying the ribbon, cute & simple :)

I ordered the shoes bcuz I think it will look great in pair with my gosurori/gothic lolita dress. However, I think they will suit a classic style better, lol (I ordered one more pair of 'real' gothic lolita laced shoes this month).  Kk~ about the design, what can I say? It actually pretty simple, just a basic black flat shoes with a loose ribbon attached. So classic! I've always wanted to have one pair of shoes with a loose ribbon on it so that I can arrange and tie it just the way I like it <3 p="">

Be sure to check on Pink Locomote (0857-3051-6116), an online shop based in Surabaya, Ind. they have a huge shoes collection~ The nicest thing is, you can personalized your shoes, choosing your preferable fabric, etc.

Last but not least, I'd like to thank you guys for being a very very good reader of my blog, by joining a giveaway, commenting, following, etc. I appreciate it a lot and if I could I want to thank each one of you personally! :3
And yeppp... The EYECANDY'S GIVEAWAY has officially ended~ Let me announce the winner now.


Irina Dubinskaya G.

That's all for now and I'll see you soon :3

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