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Review: OST Original Pure Vitamin C 20 Serum

Ladies, today I will be reviewing one skincare product that has become a HOLY GRAIL of mine~ Hohooo... You might already know that I'm absolutely obsessed with Vit C ampoule! I LOVE how vit C gives a bright and radiant complexion to skin, as well as reducing any pigmentation and discoloration. (Read my BRTC Vitalizer C ampoule? You'll know how much I've hooked with Vit C!)

So I've recently revamped my skincare routine (well, it's not that recently :3), It has become much more simpler now, unlike in the past when I could spend up to 30minutes doing my skincare routine. Anyway, I got this little baby from WISHTREND, my favorite Korean beauty online store ♥

OST 오리지날 퓨어 비타민 C20세럼

+ Includes pure Vitamin-C 20%
+ Whitening /Recovering trouble scars
+ Removing blackheads
+ Ranked the best selling item in Singapore No.1 commerce. (2012)

Brand : OST
Volume : 30ml
All Skin Type
Made in Korea

Packaging of OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum, everything are written in Korean. The outer packaging is sleek and so high class, I like it~

Vit C serum - Photo taken with byul, my cellphone~
First time opening the package, there's a separate pipette in a plastic and the bottle cap was sealed. Rest assured that we're getting a very fresh product! :3

OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum

30ml of Pure Vitamin C serum with a lot of benefits for your skin~♥ Definitely a staple in every skincare regime ^-^ The bottle is made from an amber glass, the good thing about amber glass is, it preserves the true benefit of Vitamin C (note that Vitamin C could loose its benefit and get oxidized very quickly). The colored glass prevents UV rays from entering the bottle.

OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum pippete

The pipette! What can I say? I LOOOVE every ampoule type skincare product! You know already, lol! I love the feeling when I squeeze the the rubber cap to get an ample amount of the product to my hand.

The nicest thing about ampoule type serum is, they're super hygienic (as long as the pipette doesn't come into contact with any surface), just make sure not to touch the pipette to avoid a contamination.

Now, I'm going to show you the result of the APPLE TEST of OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum I did yesterday :)

What I have said about FREE RADICALS & Vitamin C:
In the very simplest of terms, free radicals are various forms of free oxygen molecules that are floating in and out of your skin tissues. Yes, Oxygen is vital for your living tissues but only if the oxygen atoms are attached to red blood cells and that happens in your lungs. You see free oxygen anywhere is highly CORROSIVE.
In case of the apple, the oxygen has “destroyed outer cells” and turned them all brown.
Oxygen is also what causes steel to rust and if it can destroy steel, it surely can destroy your living skin cells.

Vitamin C has lots of benefits for skin. Ask Google and you'll find tons of useful site with complete information about how does Vitamin C benefit skin.
  • Vitamin C to Enhance Radiant Skin
  • Vitamin C is not only necessary for collagen production and maintenance, but it is also a potent antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals in the skin.
  • Reduce discoloration and pigmentation
  • Wound healing (very good if you're acne prone and want to heal acne scars)

 one drop of OST Original Pure Vitamin C 20 Serum

The Vitamin C serum is absorbed quickly and doesn't leave any sticky or greasy feeling on the surface. Perfecto~  Unlike my old love BRTC Vitalizer C ampoule, I don't need to do 'face palming' to heat up my skin, though, I believe face palming method is very good (read about it tons of times already on Japanese magz), and I still do it occasionally.

My Comments:
I'm not gonna brag! I swear~~I LOVE this red bottle, HOLY GRAIL! Kicked BRTC out of my heart! You've seen the apple test result and you know it's good for skin! Hehe... Anyhoo, This red bottle was a best selling skincare product in Singapore (2012) and won SURE BEAUTY AWARDS in Korea. It was a total HIT!♥

I've been using this serum for a month now, the result is quite significant. Holy smokes, before I start using it, I had a problem with lots of small bumps on my face (I wrote about this on my previous previous post), and almost terrible acne issues which really-really drives me nuts! They Snail cream  from Secrey Key practically didn't work for me, I threw it away and start using this magical red bottle.

Now, the condition of my skin has become sooo much better, no TONS of small bumps anymore! Just a few of them here and there but issokaiii~~~ I still have two or three (or sometimes four!) zits on my cheek. But the scars fade quite quickly, thanks to O.S.T Vit C20 serum! (I'm telling you the truth). I'm NOT getting paid to say this and I tried not to sound like a beauty advisor, HAHA!

Back to the product, it has a stingy citrus-like smell and the liquid is rather thick. Its lightweight liqid spreads easily and absorbed fast, leaving no track of stickiness, greasiness, or whatsoever. However, on the first application, I felt a little bit of tingling sensation on my face upon application. But that's just OK, it indicates that the Vitamin C serum is still working at its best. (remember you'll also experience tingling sensation when you drop citrus/lemon extract to your face).

Overall, I LOVE this product and it's official now, this product is a MUST for me and I feel very pleased with the result. (the result is not a total perfect, but it helps me get a radiant complexion and lessen the small bumps) ^-^
I'll definitely going to buy this superb red bottle once I have finished my first bottle.

Who might like it?
-Korean skincare product lover.
-Those who want a radiant complexion.
-People with acne scars.
-People with uneven skin tone / those with pigmentation
-Suits all type of skin and works good on oily skin (like me)

For more information (and before after photo of OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum, please visit WISHTREND-[OST] Vitamin C20 Serum.
OST 오리지날 퓨어 비타민 C20세럼


That's all for now, it's like 4.15AM now here (gyaaaaa~) I gotta sleep and wake-up earlier in the morning >.< Thanks for reading and I'll be back soon with another review (either a bb cream review or CC cream!), Bai~!

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