Sunday, May 26, 2013

Review: EOS Yuna Brown & GEO Xtra Bella Green

This would be my last circle lens review in May! I'm gonna merged up the review of EOS Yuna Brown and GEO Xtra Bella Green into one post~ I received these babies from SOFTLENS SHOP for review purpose, thanks so much!!~♥
Softlens Shop is an online shopping store based in Jakarta, they sell circle lenses from various brands and the good thing is, they SHIP WORLDWIDE ^-^


 GEO WBS 203 - GEO Xtra Bella Green

 GEO Xtra Bella Green upclose

Color  & Design:  photo rat4.pngI LOVE it! Never thought I'd have a heart for a green lens before, but I do like this one. It has a pretty touch of emerald green on the center, with a thick and bold black outer edges. Unlike my first pair of green lens. This one is not as vivid. The dominant color for this pair is the black. The green, however, won't be too visible unless you look at it upclose or under direct sunlight. Sometimes, peoples mistook it as a blue! Haha. It blends well with medium to dark brown eyes, too. :D

Enlargement:  photo rat4x.png is what you would typically expect from 15mm lenses, big! :D I love (and need) big lenses, so this does the job. By this, don't get me wrong, it's not like I hate smaller lenses, it's just depends on my mood and my eye make-up :) Bigger lens makes me look younger, idk if it's only me, but that's what I think.

Comfort:  photo rat4.pngI can wear them for several hours without any problem. Sometimes I even forget I'm wearing them. No blurry vision too, I love it~♥

The second lens being EOS Yuna Brown, onto the review!

 EOS Yuna Brown - tri tone

 EOS Yuna Brown - upclose 

photo taken indoor

Color & Design:  photo rat2.png The color and design reminds me a lot to NEO cosmo tri tone and GEO berry holic that I received a while back. I've been dealing with ochrey tri tone lens like this a lot and I know I'd never like it. Korean tri-tone lenses, they're so typical. I'm okay with the other color, but idk why, the brown (they said brown) but it looks more ochre to me. I loathe it mainly because the design. If you take a look on the center, there's a visible pixelated dots around the pupil hole, they're very visible and looks weird. The print is super pixelated too. This lens is definitely out of my comfort zone.

Enlargement:  photo rat1.pngbarely has any enlargement. And you know how I like my lenses, right? :) just a bit enlargement is just OK, but with its light color, I feel like my eyes look even smaller.

Comfort:  photo rat15.pngcomfort is so-so. They’re not as comfortable as I expected them to be. It hurts me when I first push it on my eyes that I need to tug it out fastly, my eyes got red and irritated soon after =( The second attempt wasn't that bad though, but still, I can constantly feel them in my eyes! When I wear these, it feels like there are pebbles stuck in my eyes, or like there's thick plastic suffocating them and worst of all is blurry vision ~__~

Phone: +628176966070

Nah, from now on. I'll be focusing more on make-up review! Recently, I've been buying lots of make-up product. tehee, I will show you some of the stuff that I recently bought later on :) Stay tuned for a haul post~
Thanks for reading and see 'ya~!

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