Friday, May 24, 2013

Review: Miomi Lace Gray Circle Lens + random

Heey~ overdue review post! Been busy with real life stuff (work, and a new project of mine is coming up! Hehe...) Anyway, will be reviewing MIOMI Lace Gray Circle Lens which I got from Tomato Online Shop.

PRICE: IDR 165.000

Color:  photo rat3x.pngThe color is just OK, a subtle gray & black gradation that still looks pretty natural afar. I would like it more if the gray were much darker~ However the color of Miomi grey lace is still in my comfort zone.

Design:  photo rat2x.pngExtraordinary unique and edgy, never seen something like this before, lol... tbh I'm not confident enough to wear this lens and go outside! Hahaha so I just tried them at home. One thing that irks me is the lacey outer edge. Upclose, they're very visible and other people will definitely notice and definitely weirded out. Anyhoo, things that I like from the design is the sharp print, they're not as pixelated. Very very sharp and detailed. Actually I LOVE everything lacey + it looks so gothic to me o: I know I love the design, but being worn? maybe not for now > . < Hope I can really pull off a look with this lens ;^;

Enlargement:  photo rat4x.pngThey're HUGE, big, and dolly! 14.5mm is so deceiving! For me they look like a 15 mm lenses!

Comfort:  photo rat4.pngLove it~ I have no problems with Miomi lenses, my first Miomi lens was so good and I like it too :) The lens is super thin, I can barely feel them on.

You can check out these dolly lenses, as well as other very pretty EOS, GEO lenses, at:

To real life updates~~~
After a looooong time without painting, I've been wanting to revamp all my painting tools and start a new gallery (an online gallery). Next week I'm gonna buy some new painting tools (fyi, I LOVE Derwent and Pablo! But the cheapie Marie's oil tube will do)

 gonna repro-ing this lovely vintage rose painting

Nah, now  I NEED a new name for the online gallery. I've been thinking about using flowers name, I like ROSE but that's so mainstream, no? or should I just use it? Hahahaha.... but I LIKE rose already :( ... I think I'll use it anyway. Nah, to make it sounds complete, I need another word to back up the 'rose', like maybe ROSE FRISSON, ROSE 'something-something', or 'something-something' ROSE. Anything good to go along with the word ROSE. But whaaaat~~? *gonna think, and think, and think `~`
I love anything that sounds FRENCH too ♥
I know, PAINTING is my PASSION, and MY LIFE~
So yeah,  that would be all for now. Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon darling lovelies!

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