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Review/Comparison: MUA Undressed + Undress Me Too Palette

Finally! One of the most requested post, review and comparison between MUA Undressed palette and MUA undress me too palette. As some of you may know, these are the 'shameless' dupe of Urban Decay NAKED Basic and Urban Decay Naked 2. I haven't really tried the actual UD NAKED palette... yet, so I won't make a comparison between the original naked palette and the MUA's take on UD's Naked. I hope this post will be useful for those who are unsure about getting the palettes.

MUA undressed palette VS MUA undress me too palette

I had a high hopes for these palettes because everybody is talking about them, reviewing them, and many also said that these are one good palette. Considering the price (£4) yes, these are good (for your wallet!). I bought like four of them on a whim just because I think I'm gonna love it, lol. MUA undressed and undressed me too, they've been hyped up like crazy, so that time I just think "I MUST TRY IT!"

Before jumping into the review, I will show you the comparison swatches and photos between MUA undressed and MUA undress me too.

 MUA undress me too eyeshadow palette (dupe naked 2)

MUA undressed palette (UD Naked Basic dupe)

 MUA undress me too swatches (upper row), photo taken under natural light

  MUA undress me too swatches (lower row)

  MUA undressed swatches (upper row), photo taken under natural light, window lighting

   MUA undressed swatches (lower row)

MUA undressed swatches - upclose (upper row)
MUA undressed swatches - upclose (lower row)

Note that I didn't apply any primer for the swatches. Also, all of them are heavily swatched. I won't bother to show you the upclose swatch of MUA undress me too because they're a total let down for me :( 
Okay now, onto the review!

a TOTAL LET DOWN! I tell you, at first I thought it was a good palette and I really had a high hope for this baby! But as soon as I tried it, I was dissapointed. The pigmentation is really really poor. I tried to HEAVILY swatch the shades to my hand but the result would always be like that ^ take a look at the photo of MUA Undress me too swatches above. Even after multiple layers of swatches, the colors barely show up. It's so annoying that you have to use LOTS of them on eyes. Primer helps the color to show up a bit, but still, I despise every eyeshadows that relying too much on primer!

About the eyeshadow itself, there are three matte shade, the other shades are shimmery and almost metallicy. On the eyes, I can't really distinguish some of colors one to another. Staying power is not really good (because the colors barely show up anyway), you definitely need a primer to go together with this palette.

I know I've read quite a lot of good reviews about MUA undress me too, but I just... can't! In fact I'm bewildered by all of the good review! BUT, I also found numbers of BAD reviews about this palette, I'm on their side anyhow! Having tried other higher-end brands, I'd say this palette is a total so-so. And except for the price, there's almost nothing good about this palette. I'm not trying to compare it with high-end branded palette, but a dirt cheap drugstore palette that comes at par with high-end brand does exist! Let's say some NYX palettes~

All in all, I won't bother to repurchase MUA undress me too. Now I know why most bloggers choose MUA undressed over MUA undress me too. 

Rating: photo rat15.png

Unlike its sister, this one is a pretty decent palette. You'll find two matte shade (the firt is a beautiful taupe-ish brown and the second being the darker version of the taupe), both of the matte shades make a good eyeshadow base, and are good to contour the socket. And there's two light/whitish shimmery shade to highlight. The colors show up well even without a primer and staying power is also better. Overall, it has a BETTER quality compared to MUA undress me too.

Other good thing about this palette is, no fall out during application, the texture might get a bit powdery, not as rich and creamy, but still worth to use. As you can see on the swatches above, they look very pretty upclose!

This might not be the best palette, but again, with £4 price tag there's nothing to lose. I recommend this for those who loves earth-toned eyeshadow. With 12 colors of nude color collection, you can create TONS of eye make-up style. Whether it's a smokey look or a nude look, you choose!

Rating: photo rating4.png

So which one?
I'd definitely choose MUA undressed palette, and I know I'm going to love this palette more than its sister. First, the color range is wider (while you'll only get mostly warm toned shade on MUA undress me too). Second, and the most important thing, is the pigmentation. MUA undress me too is just a total trash imo! Again, eyeshadow that is relying on primer is not good! With primer, MUA undress me too definitely makes another game, they look pretty good and stay intact. But the shades won't surpass MUA undressed palette in combo with primer. Pigmentation is the thing that you actually look in eyeshadow, true? MUA undressed palette is far much better.

I hope my comparison post could be helpful for you :) Thanks for reading and I'll see you soon darlings!

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