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Sahabat Marina BLOG CONTEST / Lomba blog

Hi girls! Today I'm going to share about a local BLOG CONTEST (lomba blog) event which is organized by SAHABAT MARINA. tMarina is a local Indonesian brand, and this brand is quite famous and popular among teens. I'm still gonna write in English because I want you guys to at least know about Marina ^-^ Marina is having for major product line: Hand and body lotion, Face Care make-up, Cologne, and Beauty soap. One of their best newly launched product is Marina UV White Extra SPF 15. For more information about Marina's product please visit Sahabat Marina official site :)

 Marina Blog contest banner (lomba blog)

Marina UV white hand & body lotion

So yeah! About the blog contest, Actually I'm super duper excited about this (do check the prize, they're suuuuper AWESOME already!!!). They have 
iPhone5 for first winner!

Samsung galaxy camera for second winner

and Android HTC for third winner
 + a bunch of product from Marina

What could be better? ♥♥

Before I start, I want to highlight one of the rules that this contest is open for people who settled in Indonesia. It's kind of regrettable but we do hope they will organize an international contest near in the future, so let's expect for that ^-^

Okay, about the contest, the theme of the blog-post is about the importance of SPF 15 for everyday protection. All bloggers (IBB or non IBB~as long as they're a lady) who stay in Indonesia are welcomed to join the contest.

There are 'of course' a few rules to be followed, for complete information please refer to this link: Sahabat Marina blog contest rules

Mandatory rules:
1. All participants must be a girl, following @sahabatmarina and liked Marina's facebook page.
2. Theme of the blog-post is about the importance of SPF 15 for everyday protection.
3. You have to submit an original article that has not been published before in any form.
4. Stating keywords "Marina" + linked it back to is obligatory.
5. Contestant must provide photo of Marina UV white SPF15 on her post.
6. Contestant is required to write a tag with the specified word.
7. Contestant must tack on e-banner of "lomba blog sahabat Marina" on their blog.

Here's the banner of 'lomba blog sahabat Marina'
The contest open until end of MAY 2013! So girls, you practically have 1 month to try the product and make a review for this baby ♥
Do your best and I wish you a good luck to all of us :)

Last but still very important, I’d like to write a bit about SPF, why SPF is important for us, and about Marina UV White Extra SPF 15.

Why we need sunscreen?
Sunrays can be healthy, but being exposured too much could cause problems (even a fatal one like skin cancer!) Uv rays damaged our epidermal layer, causing hyperpigmentation, dehydration, and any other permanent damage, including making it looks older than it should be. Living in a tropical country such as Indonesia makes us need to wear a decent sunscreen to protect our skin from UVA and UVB. The importance of using both UVB and UVA protection cannot be emphasized enough.

About SPF:
SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The number is determined experimentally indoors by exposing human subjects to a light spectrum meant to mimic noontime sun. Some subjects wear sunscreen and others do not. The amount of light that induces redness in sunscreen-protected skin, divided by the amount of light that induces redness in unprotected skin is the SPF. It is mainly a measure of UVB protection and ranges from 1 to 45 or above.

A sunscreen with an SPF of 15 filters 94% of the UVB. Basically, the protection of SPF 15 doesn’t escalate linearly.  For example, SPF 10 protects protects skin 90% from UVB, SPF 15 protects gives as much as 94%, while SPF 30 filters  97% of the UVB, and SPF 45 filters approx 98%, which is not the double amount of SPF 30.

There is currently no uniform measure of UVA absorption. There are broad-spectrum sunscreens that protect against UVA and UVB radiation although it is important to remember that the SPF does not predict UVA protection.

Marina UV White Extra SPF 15
Marina UV White Extra SPF 15 protects our skin from the danger of UVB, as well as hydrate it and making it looks more radiant. It has SPF 15 which is perfect for daily use, it blocked UVB so you don’t need to hide your skin during days and could freely let them exposed without the worry of being sunburned, or having skin problems afterwards.
Not only that, Marina UV White Extra SPF 15 also contains PA+, which means, it protects you from UVA radiation and prevent skin darkening process. It also has Yoghurt Biowhitening complex and Vitamin B3 which rich in nutrition to boost the skin’s glow from inside.

1.    SPF 15 as UVB protection that protect skins from sunrays.
2.    PA+ as UVA protection that helps prevent skin from darkening process.
3.    With rich nutrition of biowhitening complex containing Yogurt and Vitamin B3, Marina UV white extra SPF15 helps skin to even out skins complexion, making it brighten skin tone to an even whiter skin.

So, what are you waiting for? Go to Marina Website and register to the Blog Contest, and win all the coolest prizes! :)

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