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Review: Syahrini False Eyelashes Merak & Surya Kencana

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Tonight (ewwww.... it's morning already 1:32 am) I'll be reviewing two falsies that I got from D'EYEKO. Yeaaah, one of them turned out to be my favorite! Hehe... Syahrini is Indonesian celeb and she's quite famous here ^-^ Her signature look is an extravagant eye make-up (and of course falsies). So yeah, these are the falsies she designed.

A bit about D'eyeko falsies:
All of D'EYEKO eyelashes are 100% handmade to exact specifications, with 100% sterilized human hair in black or hair-like fiber in colored lashes and a rigorous quality-control process ensures the highest standard of excellence in manufacturing and distribution. These are fine designer quality false eyelashes. Available in a variety of colors, shapes and densities. Our lashes are also trimmable to size, simple to apply and remove, and fully reusable.

Syahrini Merak falsies
Banila co. Jessica the night eyeshadow palette
(^ review will be up soon!)
Clinique Mascara

Sorry for posting up a huge photo of my eyes, lol. It's because I really like this falsies... hehe...

Syahrini falsies - MERAK

Well, merak is, a peacock. This might be inspired by how beautiful the peacock is. I didn't think I will like this falsies to this extent. At first I even thought that this would look weird on me. But upon wearing, it look surprisingly natural despite being a little bit extravagant. It’s made from 100% HUMAN HAIR! No wonder it felt so soft and light (even softer than Dolly Wink falsies I gues!). It’s not as cheap as the usual plastic falsies ($ 0.2-0.3 for a pair of lashes only), but the price isn’t bad at all, especially for its quality. It feels light on eyes, very light that I forgot that I'm wearing a falsies. 
MERAK is a build-in double falsies. For those who love to overlap their falsies, this might come in handy :) I wonder if they have a daily-wearable type of falsies with the same design (but minus the heavy wing). If such falsies exist then it would definitely be my HG!


Unfortunately, this pair doesn't quite suit me. It looks too big on my small eyes. Yes, I have SMALL eyes, that's too bad haha.  The fibers feels more plasticy than MERAK. I wonder if this also made from natural sterilized human hair? because it does feel very plasticy. The design is TOO NEAT. The first thing I want from falsies is naturalness. So I'd prefer messy design, or at least it doesn't look too made up or neat like this. This is also a pair that you'd definitely want to wear with a full make-up on. 
Surya Kencana might look good and better for those with bigger eyes I assume :)


That's all for the review! Aw it's 2:14AM already >__<
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randomness: things that made me happy lately!  taken from my instagram.

Pop up letter from a friend in Japan! so happy! hehehe... Yeye-chan is one of my bestie and I like her a lot :) She sent me such a cute pop up letter and post card for me, Yeay! I know green and clover is her favorite things <3 br="" thanks="" ye="">

a bottle of PEACH JOE TEA! I thought a friend was drinking an alcoholic beverage while playing GUILD WARS. But it was actually just a natural brewed tea! HAHAHAHA.... Boo me. He kindly offered one bottle for me and sure I felt overjoyed (since I'm pretty much a crazy tea maniac).
This tastes really GOOD! (I'm drinking it while typing ♥). Not to sweet, but rich in flavor. Peach and tea is like a perfect combo ^-^

Happy with BFF :) Ester
Ester used filters from Photo wonder app on android

So yeah, that would be all for now! I'll see you guys on my next post. Also, don't forget to check on my previous post about My LIOELE beauty class. There's some new updates for the date. 
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