Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Event Report: Lioele Beauty Class

So here's what I did while being MIA for weeks~

Lioele beauty class in Jakarta (July 13, 2013)
As you've known, I worked together with LIOELE to host a beauty class ^-^
Selca and rakugaki, arrived in Jakarta much earlier than expected. So I have to wait like 3 hours before the event starts. Got some free time to fool around, lol. and I was being super drowsy cuz I didn't get a sleep the night before. boo....!

 dozed off~

Here's our room. (Pavillion Apartment Club House)

 Preparation :)

 Lioele vanity box ~

Skincare section

photo taken by : Mba empong from Lioele ♥
Here's Christin! My bestie!!! GAWWWD! Actually I was super excited that day because finally I got a time to meet her! We haven't met for many many years ;^; nuuu...

With participants :)
Volunteer models, they're soooo pretty and have a nice feature. Thanks for being a model :)

Next, Make-up and skincare interactive class in Bandung on June 20, 2013
Rented a room at GALERI Ciumbuleuit Hotel & Apartment.

 R. Magnolia
 First session, so many ppls > . <

 Lioele Make-up products for sale ♥

Personally, I've fallen in love with some of Lioele products and I know I WILL soon make a huge order, Nyehehe... here's the list for you:
♥ Lioele under eye dark circle concealer (better than my old skinfood salmon darkcircle concealer, it doesn't sit on fine lines.)
♥ Lioele Blooming pearl base ( I already have two minisize tube, but I'll get the fullsize one soon)
♥ Lioele SECRET PORE RICH BALM ( Goodness gracious, this is a MUST HAVE! Makes my fine lines become less-less visible, resulting a velvety skin finish. I own the small 5ml jar and I will also get myself a fullsize one!!! I Swear!)
♥ Lioele Mix concealer (Tried it briefly while waiting~♥*  Finally a korean concealer that match my skin tone! yeaay! TFS NB21 is too dark for me :( )
♥ Lioele POP TINT in orange shade. (a perfect dupe for Benefit CHA CHA TINT)

 Had dinner together with Lioele staff & Ester ^o^

 full moon
 city at night

Just a random pic from my instagram, Lolz. went to Takigawa with a friend today. The fullmoon was so BEAUTIFUL that I had to take a pic with byul my cellphone, hehe...

Starting tomorrow, I will slowly working on new reviews (still got jobs to be done). Hmmm, I think next week I'll also make a haul post♥ Yohoohoo~ told ya I can't stop buying online :(( But issokai, though, I need to totally revamp my traincase (I even bought a new one, it's bigger.)

See you then!

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