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Review: BANILA CO. Friday Night Eye Palette - Jessica The Angel

Here's another eyeshadow palette review for you~ and it's from my favorite brand, Banila co.! Banila co. is a popular, high-end Korean brand highly praised by youngsters in Korea. Banila co. Friday night eye palette shadow - Jessica The Angel sells for $ 35.45 at W2BEAUTY.

BANILA CO. Friday Night Make-up line~

BANILA CO. Friday Night Eye Palette ~ Jessica The Angel
 Loving the illustration on the packaging! The girl wears a cat ear beanie and she looks cute~

 Back packaging of BANILA CO. Friday Night Eye Palette - Jessica The Angel

 Plastic partition to keep the mirror clean

This sponge applicator comes in handy :) and believe me it's usable. Many would throw away this little applicator right away, but if you're able to use it properly, it gives you a nice, bold, and vivid result.

The girl illustration on the packaging is so eye-catchy. A bit STILA-ish, if you know what I mean.The casing and internal compartment were made from a sturdy high quality plastic colored in pink.  Overall, I LOVE the packaging! Hehe... I also like its small size, it looks cuter and it would fit into most make-up pouches nicely. This palette is also perfect for travelling since it has a build-in mirror and comes with a high quality sponge applicator.

 Taken under natural day light

Taken with flash
1 white cream eyeshadow/eye base and 5 glittery/frosty pressed eyeshadow.
 From left to right:

1. White eyeshadow/ eye base.

2. The  second color (beside the white eye base) is a frosty pale beige eye shadow. This shade is so glittery and looks frosty, makes it perfect to be used as eye-brightener. (Something that works like Etude House line nuance duo or Etude house eye glow!). For this purpose, I usually use the sponge applicator (dampen it for a more vivi

3. My favorite shade!!! This shade is also super glittery and frosty, but I don't mind at all since the color is so beautiful already. I'm so into peach-toned eye shadow. I love how the color makes my eyes look healthy, brighter, and pops~! Peach is such a girly and sweet color and definitely a must have :)

4. The fourth color is smiliar to the second one, this one is just one shade lighter and is less glittery. I usually use this to highlight the browbone and I usually use it to line my lower eyeline on the day when I want to look more natural.

5. a pretty gold shade with lots of glitters! Also perfect to be used on lower lash line. Or used all-over the eyelids for extravagant look.

6. Frosty dark brown color, this is the key shade on this palette. You can go all smokey by applying this shade here and there, and it could also be used as a simple eyeliner just in case you want a little definition for your eyes without being too bold.

Here's the swatches:

Every shade on this eye palette is frosty and they're all full of glitters. Hence the name, Friday Night Eye Palette. This is the palette that you would only want to wear during evening time. I too, wouldn't dare to wear it on a broad daylight as it will makes me look like a discoball! Heck... But~ I'd still use some of the colors as an eye brightener (used thinly along the lower lash line) during the days, it works!

Here are some EOTD with BANILA CO. Friday Night Eye Palette - Jessica The Angel

Despite being so frosty and glittery, surprisingly, Friday night eye palette has a pretty good color pay-off. Even without eye base, the color still looks wonderful and pigmented as ever. All of the color is wearable and gives natural look. This is perfect since I'm not a person who'll wear blue, purple, or green that often ^-^. Staying power is good :) it stays intact on my super oily eye lids (I used Etude House proof 10 eye primer) and I didn't even need a single retouch during the whole night, which is great~! The only downside is, under certain lighting, this could makes you look like a walking disco ball. So I prefer to use it thinly all-over the eyelids and then apply the pigment more, concentrating on the outer corner of my eye.

Texture of the pressed shadows are so creamy! Though sometimes they could be a liiiittle bit crumbly because of the excessive glitters but there's nothing to complain about ^-^ For those who love smokey eye look, you're going to love this palette too cuz there are barely any fall out :)

Overall, I really like this eye palette~! I'm the satisfied one I'd say~ If you want to try some of high-end Korean branded product then you should try BANILA CO.

Could be purchased at:
W2BEAUTY Official Site
W2BEAUTY Facebook Page

Gil-Dong, Gangdong-Gu, Seoul
Korea, Republic of
W2Beauty stands for welcome to beauty. They sell a selection of the latest and most popular products in Korea, trusted and loved by korean people. Also, they ship their products to about 170 countries for worldwide customers.

I'll be back soon with lots of Korean product review, BB creams, base, blushers, etc! Hehe. stay tuned! :)

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