Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review: The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit

Brush cleaning kit is essential for me, and I have to say that I'm really really happy when I finally received THE BRUSH GUARD Cleaning Kit from awanawan.com (thank you!♥). Brush cleaning process has become so much easier with this kit, I swear!


In The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit, you'll find:
- Squeaky clean brush shampoo
- Washing cup (greeny mint)
- Drying vase (dark grey)
- Eco blotting cloth
- THE BRUSH GUARD variety pack (5 pcs)

LOL~ I pretty much loving its funny packaging design! Bet u're gonna like it too~♥

Here's the squeaky clean brush shampoo, it has a subtle scent and is free from additional coloring agent. Texture of the liquid is thick. If you check on the ingredients list, it has some funny ingredients like panthenol, which is purposely added to give 'shine' on hairy object, lots of herbal extract, and also tocopherol (Vit E)! Haha! This brush shampoo is very mild, and despite having a sodium lauryl sulfoacetate, it doesn't foam too much, so you may need more than a pea sized amount of it for each cleaning session. I like this shampoo as it cleans and also disinfect my brushes, no more gross ickies on my big brush family, hehe ☻

THE BRUSH GUARD variety pack
Brush guard is also essential for me! This little stretchy thing keeps the brush in its original shape as well as acts as a 'container' for each of the brush. There are many types of brush guard available in the market. This one has a thick webbing fibers and aren't too stretchy. Actually I'd prefer one that is thinner and more elastic, I literally got some of those, need to buy more later though~ My BGs are currently guarding some of my fave natural brushes like one from Shu Uemura dan Bare Essentials.

Make-up brush cleansing instruction :)

The cleansing process!^o^ At first I want to make a demo picture by using some of my favorite brushes, but I got so lazy and initially grabbed on my MAKE UP FOR YOU 24 pcs pink brush set as I really NEED to clean them! Will be reviewing this set later (cuz I got some request), though, this is definitely won't be on my favorite brushes list! LoL~

 sudsing surface of the washing cup

Just pour an ample amount of the liquid shampoo into washing cup, then swirl the already wet brushes on the bottom surface of the washing cup for a while. For bigger brush like foundie brush or other face brush, I usually cleanse them individually (and twice if needed!).

Blot the excess water with a blotting cloth, this blotting cloth is VERY SOFT and absorb really well  too :) Love it! Reshape the brush and let them dry.

Ideally, according to proffesional MUA's tips (read: Lisa Eldridge, Robert Jones, Wayne Goss), the correct way is to lay them flat on top of towel and let them dry naturally.

 But this is what I did lol! Sorry, brushes > . <~

Drying process as written on the instruction card, put a brush guard on and put it on drying vase, bristle down. I didn't try this process though, putting on the brush guard on drying process my be a good idea to keep them in shape, but it will slow down the drying process so I think I'll just lay them (read: favorite brushes) flat over a towel next time.

For more information about THE BRUSH GUARD Cleaning Kit, visit awanawan.com
Tel: 08999477777
BB: 2657436C
E-mail: order@awanawan.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/awanawanshop

By the way, on awanawan.com, you can find lots of ready stock high end product from wide range of brands like CHANEL, Shu Uemura, Guerlain, Bobbi Brown, GA, NARS, MAC, to drugstore brands, and even Japanese brands :) check out their store~

Disclaimer: Review is solely based on my honest opinion. Sponsored by awanawan.com

BRUSH CLEANING TIPS (as also mentioned by Shu Uemura and Bobbi Brown:)
Never dampen the bottom of hair (area that is attached to ferule) as it may damage the brush! Even the most expensive brush will slowly shed if you do this. So if your expensive luxurious brush is shedding, the problem might not be the brush itself, it might be because of the way you cleanse them.

Take a good care of your make-up brushes ladies, as they're one of the most important tool in make-up artistry ^-^
Now, care to share how you cleanse your brushes? and what is your favorite brush shampoo? Have you tried using baby shampoo as a brush cleanser? Give me your opinion ^-^! Thanks for reading and See ya on my next post!♥

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