Monday, August 12, 2013

Disney Princess Make-up Look: Mulan

Hi Guys! I had a collaboration with some of beauty bloggers in here to make some sort of Make-up style, which inspired by Disney Princesses. Stella asked me if I would like to join :3 Anyhoo, I chose MULAN on a whim because I like Mulan the most! Hahaha...  still have the old CD of Mulan and I knew I loved it so much and I can watch it like two times in a week back then, lol, how nostalgic.

So here's our Disney Princesses make-up look.

And it's my Mulan look which look kinda crappy, lmao.

Won't be posting up more pics of me cuz the flash ruined off everything lol. The sun went down by the time I finished my make-up, so I have no other option. Thought I should really make a decent dressing table with lamps!
Well, 'bout the look itself, here's the list of product that I used:

SEPHORA blockbuster palette (eyeshadow)
Etude House proof 10 eye primer
NYX Jumbo eye pencil in milky as a base
Wet n Wild Liquid eyeliner in black
Lioele Mix Eyebrow Cake
Etude House drawing Eyebrow in gray
Estee Lauder sumptuous bold volume lifting mascara

Revlon whipped cream foundation #buff
Clinique Blended face powder #neutral light
Wet n Wild blush in pearlscent pink
Illamasqua rich liquid foundation as concealer
Lioele photogenic mix concealer
Too faced chocolate bronzer

Too faced lip insurance lip primer
a bit ofUrban decay lipstick #GASH
Sexy mother pucker lip plumper
Beauty buffet lipstick

and yes, I didn't wear circle lenses. ^-^
For the clothing, lol, I wore a tomesode kimono and the inner part on the eri (neck) was from a Juban (inner cloth), It doesn't really look Mulan-ish (lol) but that's the best I can do that time, considering the short preparation time and how busy I am atm. Oh well, it's not a cosplay anyway.

My favorite Mulan look:

 New version of Mulan and the old version:

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Will be back tomorrow with a GIVEAWAY post, stay tuned!

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